Microsoft Bing Exec Pees On "Google Instant," Says Bing Results Still Way Better

Bing director Stefan WeitzBing director Stefan Weitz

Photo: Microsoft

USA Today cornered Microsoft Bing director Stefan Weitz and asked him what he thought of Google’s whizzy new real-time search, Google Instant.Basically, Weitz said:

  • It looks cool and it’s technologically impressive, but it’s not what people want
  • Microsoft could have rolled out the same technology a year ago
  • People want the right results, not staccato guesses
  • Bing is a “decision engine,” not a search engine

Except for that last bullet, fair enough.

But, at worst, Google Instant did accomplish one thing: It represented the first obvious innovation that Google has rolled out before Microsoft since Microsoft embarrassed Google with real-time Twitter search and other search innovations that appeared to catch Google asleep at the switch. 

And Bing’s 11% US search share, unfortunately, still renders it largely irrelevant.

Read the Q&A here >

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