Microsoft is begging users not to ditch its 'Edge' web browser

EdgeNeowinThe pop-up asks users to ‘Give Microsoft Edge a shot.’

Windows 10 users are being encouraged to “give Microsoft Edge a shot” when they attempt to change their default browser to Google Chrome, The Verge reports.

In a newly leaked version of Windows 10 (build 10568), users who try to jump ship receive one final message that lists the upsides of using “an app built just for Windows 10.” Under this message there is a button that says “Don’t switch and try it now” which opens Edge and doesn’t change the default browser.

Microsoft has previously made overtures to those wanting to switch, placing a message within the Bing search for “Chrome” and “Firefox” which advertises the benefits of Edge.

According to Netmarketshare, Edge has around 2.4% of the total browser share on desktop as of September 2015. Safari, the default browser on OS X, has around 5%.

The company is also targeting people who want to switch to third-party photo and music apps, offering a pop-up window that displays the virtues of the built-in Photo or Groove Music apps.

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