Microsoft Anti-Piracy Chief Peterson Retires (MSFT)


Joe Peterson, the 13-year Microsoft veteran behind the company’s controversial “Windows Genuine Advantage” anti-piracy initiative, is set to retire, Techflash reports.

Peterson is the fourth senior Microsoft executive to depart the company this month. Others who recently left:

  • Live search General Manager Brad Goldberg to Peak6 investment company
  • Global ad sales honcho Bill Shaughnessy for points unknown
  • VP and former aQuantive CEO Brian McAndrews, who reportedly wanted the job that went to Qi Lu

Here’s what Techflash hears about the future of Peterson’s Software Protection and Commerce Group:

Microsoft said Peterson’s former group has been folded into other parts of the company, with the Microsoft Store and Pinpoint teams going to the Central Marketing Group and the Software Protection Platform and Windows Genuine Advantage teams going to the Windows Core Operating System Division.

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