Microsoft And IBM Among Top 3 Best Global Brands, Google Catching Up

BusinessWeek and the brand consultancy firm Interbrand released the list of 100 best global brands for 2009.

Coca Cola tops this year’s list, as it has every year since the list was introduced 9 years ago.

The list features 22 technology companies, with IBM ranked second and Microsoft ranked third. Microsoft’s brand value is $56.6 billion, a 4% decline since last year.

Google’s brand value increased 25%, the highest among companies in the list, to $32 billion and the company ranks no. 7. Apple ranks no. 20 on the list with a 12% increase in brand value at $15.4 billion. Yahoo ranks no. 64; the company’s brand value decreased by 7% to $5.1 billion.

BusinessWeek and Interbrand say that for the first time, the overall value of the top 100 brands has declined by 4.6%.

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