This Concept Private Plane Comes With 3 Cockpits To Give Passengers Amazing Views

Boutique aircraft manufacturer Micronautix has unveiled plans to give passengers a new kind of view, by building a plane with three cockpits.

The concept aircraft, known as the Triton,will have compartments on either side of the central cockpit, providing near panoramic views usually afforded only to pilots of military and single seat high performance aircraft.

According to the manufacturer, the plane is expected to hold three to five passengers and will be used as a luxury transport or for sightseeing excursions.

With a 42-ft wingspan, the Triton concept will be driven by a single 450 horsepower turboprop engine powering a large low RPM prop. According to Micronautix, the low RPM prop will allow for a reduction in noise and added comfort.

An official debut of the Triton prototype is expected at the 2014 Aviation Summit in Palm Springs this October.

At this point, whether this crazy concept by a virtually unknown manufacturer will ever make it into production remains to be seen. As a concept, though, we have to admit the Triton sounds like an awesome way to fly.

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