The Mickey Waffle is the best Mickey-shaped snack at Disney World.

  • INSIDER Producer Alex O’Toole tried five different Mickey-shaped snacks at Disney World in Orlando, FL.
  • These treats included a Mickey-shaped pretzel with cheese, Mickey-shaped ice cream bar, and Mickey-shaped cake pop.
  • After taste-testing all five snacks, Alex declared the Mickey Waffle as the best Mickey-shaped snack at Disney World.

Following is a transcript of the video.

Rose: OK, I’m gonna do the Mickey Waffle with everything on it.Clerk: With the extra berries and whipped cream?

Rose: Yes! They put it together as you order it so the strawberries and, like, the strawberry preserve doesn’t make the waffle soggy, so it’s still nice and crispy and warm.

And then you get the cold from the whipped cream and the strawberries, so this is delicious and definitely, from what I hear, one of the fan favourites.

It has one of, if not the best, Mickey shape. It’s super consistent. It looks like Mickey. It’s got his face right on it.

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