Mickey Rourke Not Doing Iron Man 2


  • After rumours swirled that he would be joining the cast of Iron Man 2, Mickey Rourke said yesterday that he’s not doing the film. (Vulture)
  • As Katherine Heigl’s Grey’s negotiations continue, she’s signed on to star opposite Ashton Kutcher in Lionsgate’s thriller Five Killers—an unusual choice for the rom-com vet. Does this mean she wasn’t switching agencies? (Variety)
  • The much rumoured Little Fockers, aka the third Meet the Parents film, may actually be in the works, albeit with a new writer and director. (Risky Biz Blog)
  • Sandra Bullock is set to star in Blindside, proof that her career is far from dead even though her next movie just got delayed. (Comingsoon.net)
  • Oscar nominee Frank Langella just switched agencies, jumping to William Morris. (DHD)
  • Liev Schreiber is set to play Angelina Jolie’s boss in Salt. (Variety)
  • A teaser poster suggests that Jason Schwartzman may be a key character in the forthcoming Scott Pilgrim. (/Film)
  • American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee will guest-star on CSI: New York this spring, proving that not having a record deal isn’t getting in the way of her acting career. (EW)
  • Remember that rumour about The Wachowski Brothers helming a Superman reboot? Yeah, it’s not true. (/Film)