Mickey Rourke Had Plastic Surgery Just So He Could Play A Rugby Player

Mickey Rourke and Gareth Thomas

[credit provider=”AP Images and Wikimedia Commons”]

Mickey Rourke will play Gareth Thomas, a legendary Welsh rugby player, in an umpcoming film. Thomas is best known outside of the Rugby community for having been the only openly gay professional athlete in the world when Sports Illustrated wrote about him in 2010.And Rourke is so dedicated to this role, that he has gone under the knife to alter his appearance. According to the Daily Mail, Rourke is looking “lean and mean” after losing nearly 30 pounds and has “already had work done on his eyes.”

There was also a previous report that Rourke was going to have his front teeth removed for the role. Supposedly, this will all help the 59-year old Rourke play an athlete that is 25 years younger.

Mickey Rourke’s acting career, as well as his appearance, have been strongly influenced by sports. After a stint as a professional boxer in the early 1990s, Rourke had numerous cosmetic procedures done on his face to fix injuries and damage suffered as a result of the sport. Rourke then experience a renaissance to his acting career for his Oscar-nominated roll in “The Wrestler.”