Warby Parker Has Gained The Ultimate Ally

warby parker

Photo: Warby Parker

Eyeglass company Warby Parker is on fire. The company is expanding all over the U.S. and taking on Luxottica, the behemoth that currently controls much of the world’s eyewear. 

Now, Warby Parker has gained a very powerful ally: J. Crew CEO and “merchant prince” Mickey Drexler, Michael J. De La Merced at DealBook reported.

He has invested in the company and has been giving its founders advice on expanding into retail. 

Drexler is the ultimate retail endorsement because he’s credited with changing how America dresses. He turned Gap into a global brand and also turned around business at J. Crew. 

“He was excited about some of the exciting retail stuff we were doing,” Warby co-founder Neil Blumenthal told DealBook. “When it was time to raise money, we wanted to get him formally involved.”

The fact that Drexler is invested in the company bodes well for Warby. He’s been referred to as “the man who dressed America” and his business sense of notoriously keen. 

His endorsement means that Warby Parker has serious potential as a global brand. 

The company is also rumoured to be working with Google to make its high-tech glasses more aesthetically pleasing. 

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