Trump’s pick to lead the top consumer watchdog agency showed up with doughnuts amid an intense legal battle


  • Both the White House and the outgoing Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director named a new acting director of the agency on Friday.
  • Whether President Donald Trump’s pick, Mick Mulvaney, or the former CFPB director Richard Cordray’s pick, Leandra English, will lead the group is up in the air amid a legal battle.
  • Mulvaney showed up to the CFPB on Monday with a doughnut bag.

In the midst of one of the strangest battles of Donald Trump’s presidency, Mick Mulvaney is apparently doing whatever he can to win over employees at the consumer watchdog agency he is fighting to lead.

Mulvaney, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, is at the center of a battle between the Trump administration and Democrats over who will lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Both the outgoing director, an appointee of President Barack Obama, and Trump selected a new head for the agency on Friday, and the standoff has led to a legal brouhaha over the CFPB’s future.

And it now appears Mulvaney is trying to win over employees with some sweets. Katie Rogers, a New York Times reporter, snapped a photo of Mulvaney entering the CFPB on Monday with a Dunkin’ Doughnuts bag.

The longtime CFPB director Richard Cordray stepped down from his post on Friday, naming Leandra English, his chief of staff, as acting director.

But Trump named Mulvaney the acting director of the independent agency on the same day. The White House has argued that Trump has the authority to do so through the 1998 Federal Vacancies Act.

The dueling moves eventually led English to sue Trump and Mulvaney over the question of who should get to lead the agency until the Senate confirms a permanent nominee.

With the future of the CFPB’s leadership in doubt, both English and Mulvaney are expected to show up at the CFPB on Monday. John Czwartacki, the communications director for the OMB, tweeted a photo of Mulvaney at the CFPB, saying Mulvaney was “already hard at work as acting director at cfpb.”

It is unclear whether English is bringing any breakfast.