Mick Foley Addresses TNA Criticism, Apologizes To Dixie

Mick Foley has not been quiet since news broke of him leaving TNA Wrestling. Foley has taken to Twitter and his blog to give his side of the story and answer fan questions. At the end of the day it appears that Mrs. Foley’s baby boy just wasn’t happy at the Impact Zone.

News broke last weekend that Mick Foley had asked TNA Wrestling for his release. Foley was under contract to the company through August or September depending upon which report you read. One thing most in the media did agree with is that Foley was leaving because he wasn’t happy with creative which is something the former TNA champion has confirmed.

Foley wrote a lengthy blog over the weekend talking about his departure from TNA. I won’t copy and paste the entire thing because I detest when people do that here without my permission. But the basic gist of the blog was that Foley felt he was doing TNA a disservice by taking their money even though his heart wasn’t into the product. Foley did point out something interesting in his blog which was that he initially asked for a release a few months ago.

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