38 per cent Agree With Romney That Michigan's Trees Are The Right Height

Mitt Romney has long been a fan of the height of the trees in Michigan. From his first presidential campaign in 2008 to his campaigning there before the Republican primary this February, he has professed that Michigan’s “trees are the right height.” 

But are they really? Public Policy Polling asked voters to find out for themselves

Michigan poll

Photo: Public Policy Polling

Yes, most Michiganders agree with Romney — 38 per cent think the trees are the right height, agreeing with Romney. Eight per cent disagree with him. 50-five per cent, as to be expected, have no idea what exactly is the correct height of trees. 

In less important news, PPP’s Michigan poll found that Barack Obama is a pretty safe bid to win Michigan this November. He’s up a pretty astounding 14 points, getting 53 per cent of the vote to Romney’s 39 per cent. Michiganders generally approve of the job Obama is doing (53 per cent).

And, in an important measure, Michigan voters by and large think Obama is better than Romney for the state’s key industry — the auto industry. 

Michigan poll

Photo: Public Policy Polling

More on the trees polling: More people that identified as “very liberal” (51 per cent) said Michigan’s trees were the right height than those who identified as “very conservative” (just 27 per cent). Expect a Romney backtrack accordingly. 

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