Donald Trump has a big lead in the next crucial state

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is leading in the polls in the next key primary state.

A trio of recent surveys of likely GOP primary voters found Trump with a strong lead in Michigan, which awards its 59 delegates on Tuesday.

A new Monmouth University poll on Monday found Trump with 36% support to Sen. Ted Cruz’s 23% support and Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s 21% support.

A NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday found similar results: Trump garnered 41% support in that poll, compared to Cruz’s 22% and Kasich’s 13%. Local network Fox 2 also found Trump on even stronger footing, with a 22% lead over both Kasich and Cruz.

The surveys over the weekend also showed bad news for Sen. Marco Rubio, who appeared to be hovering around the 15% support threshold needed to pick up any delegates in Michigan.

Trump has consistently performed best among voters who make up their minds early, while late-deciding voters tend to break for other candidates. Long the benefactor of a large, fractured presidential field, the real-estate magnate’s Kentucky and Louisiana wins were much slimmer than predicted by some earlier surveys.

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