Obama Is In The Midst Of A Collapse In Michigan

Barack Obama

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President Barack Obama has seen a once-steady lead in Michigan decline to just 2 points in a recent poll, and Michigan has been thrown into “toss-up” status in the election’s final week.The poll, from The Detroit News, finds Obama leading Republican rival Mitt Romney, 47.7 per cent to 45 per cent. That’s the second poll in a week that has shown an increasingly tight race in the state, including a Foster McCollum White Baydoun poll that showed the race virtually tied. And it comes as a pro-Romney super PAC, American Crossroads, includes Michigan in its $50 million, final-week ad buy.

Intriguingly, when comparing the Michigan poll to a new poll of Ohio released today, it shows that the race in Michigan is actually closer.

The key points in the new poll:

  • What’s pushing Romney to a virtual statistical tie in the state is his clear advantage on trust in handling the economy. He leads the president, 47-44, on the crucial issue, even in a state dominated by the auto industry.
  • Compared with September, men have shifted 5 points more toward Romney. 
  • What’s keeping Obama afloat: His advantage in connecting with voters who think he “understands their values.” 40-eight per cent identified with Obama on that question, compared with just 43 per cent for Romney.
  • Obama also has a significant, 8-point advantage on handling foreign affairs.

Here’s a look, via Talking Points Memo’s Polltracker, of just how close the race in Michigan has become:

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