A horrified mum sparked a major debate after live-tweeting her son's abstinence-heavy sex ed class

Alice Dreger abstinence sex ed live tweettwitter.com/alicedregerDreger wrote ‘One of Us’ and ‘Galileo’s Middle Finger.’

Professor and author Alice Dreger attended sex education class with her son last week and was not happy with what she saw.

Having a large Twitter following already, she live-tweeted the experience and some of what she said was retweeted more than 100 times. (We’ve embedded all of her tweets at the bottom of the post.)

Now, thanks to the attention she brought to the issue, the district will likely reform its sex education curriculum.

Dreger and other parents met with the principal, Coby Fletcher, and school board president, Nell Kuhnmuench, last night.

“It was great!” said one tweet from Dreger. “The parents were clear: WTF is a religious group doing coming in teaching our kids sex, handing out virginity pledge cards?”

The school board has yet to vote, she added, but their president said, “It is highly unlikely we will ever engage that group again,” according to another tweet.

The class was led by two visitors who were affiliated with a Christian pro-life group, Dreger wrote in the Guardian. Much of what they told the 14-to-18-year-old co-ed class amounted to scare tactics designed to dissuade students from ever having sex.

For example, one man associated his own premarital sex, which resulted in two pregnancies with two different women, with drug use and his failure to finish school. It was only after he found a woman who refused to sleep with him for two years that he was able to get his life together, he told the students, according to Dreger.

 The pro-life visitors also told the students that condoms have an 18 per cent failure rate (which is disputed by other studies), while failing to discuss other forms of birth control.

They played a dice game that resulted in every student in the class “getting pregnant” and having to take home a paper baby, according to Dreger.

After the class, Dreger spoke to the teacher and, in her own words, “lost it.”

Dreger is now banned from visiting the school, except during drop-off and pick-up and at her son’s events, she later tweeted.

According to a column from Judy Putnam of the Lansing State Journal, not all of the ELHS parents are happy about Dreger’s advocacy. Putnam specifically takes issue with the language Dreger used in her tweets and in a heated conversation with the sex ed teacher that followed the class.

“Intentional or not, Dreger’s tweets taint East Lansing schools as a hayseed district,” Putnam writes on the Detroit Free Press website. “I live there. I know it is not a backwater public school system that might be debating creationism on any given day.”

Also, Michigan’s sex ed is legislated at the state level and legally required to include information on abstinence.

Here are all of Dreger’s tweets — there are a lot — from the hourlong class she observed. 


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