A man won a $1 million lottery jackpot off a ticket he forgot he had purchased 2 months earlier

Michigan LotteryPeter DeLuca
  • Peter DeLuca bought a lottery ticket from a Sterling Heights, Michigan, grocery store in October.
  • He forgot about the ticket for more than two months after putting it in his car, and re-discovered it on Wednesday.
  • He was shocked to learn the ticket was worth $US1 million, and said he plans to use the money for retirement.

A Michigan man who forgot he had bought a lottery ticket learned he won a $US1 million jackpot two months later after he found the ticket in his car.

Peter DeLuca, 51, told Michigan Lottery officials that he almost immediately forgot about the ticket after buying it on October 13 from a Kroger grocery store in Sterling Heights.

He found the ticket on Wednesday – more than two months after buying it – and took it to a local 7-11 to check if his numbers had won anything.

“When the clerk scanned it, she told me it was more than she could cash so she printed off the numbers from the drawing so I could check the ticket and see how much I’d won. As she read them off to me, I couldn’t believe I was seeing them all on my ticket,” DeLuca said.

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His ticket matched the five white balls drawn in the lottery: 11-14-32-43-65.

DeLuca said that he occasionally buys a $US2 Powerball ticket “when the jackpot gets high,” but he had forgotten all about the one he bought in October.

He collected his winnings from the Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing, Michigan, on Thursday.

“Winning really hasn’t fully hit home yet, but it does give me some peace of mind to know that I will have this for a more comfortable retirement when I decide to slow down,” he said.

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