Michigan Will Exact Revenge On Appalachian State In 2014

Seven years ago, Michigan was the laughing stock of college football after Appalachian State, Division 1-AA powerhouse, blocked a game winning field-goal stunning, not to mention embarrassing, the Wolverines in a 32-34 upset. The shock waves are still present in Ann Arbor, and to exact revenge, Michigan’s AD David Brandon agreed to reschedule a date with Appalachian State for the 2014 season opener.  In Montgomery Burns fashion, Brandon cracked his knuckles and announced to the Wolverine Nation that “we look forward to facing Appalachian State again.”

Appalachian State is no cupcake opponent and is seriously considering a switch to D-1A, so any opportunity to play in the Big House is a must.  This rematch is of significant value for both teams–for Michigan, it’s to exact revenge, for Appalachian State, it’s a financial windfall.

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