Michelle Payne's Instagram paints a beautiful picture of the jockey's extraordinary life

Michelle taking a selfie with her ‘favourite person’, her brother Stevie. Photo: Instagram/ Michelle Payne.

Overnight Michelle Payne has become the darling of the Australian racing world after winning yesterday’s Melbourne Cup.

Just the fourth woman to ride in Australia’s horse race, she became the first female in history to win the Cup.

This morning the 30-year-old’s face was everywhere in the media and her family story that has captured the hearts of Australia.

The family-oriented jockey comes is one of 10 siblings, and her brother, Stevie, Prince of Penzance’s strapper, is her roomie at the family home in Ballarat.

Payne’s Instagram account reveals beautiful snippets of her life, and captures the down-to-earth nature of the strong woman who told critics yesterday to “get stuffed”.

Here are some of the best photos from Michelle Payne’s account.

Her and her brother Stevie have a super tight bond.

She frequents the races. But not always as a jockey.

She’s a farm girl, through and through.

When she’s not on the back of a horse being a jockey, she’s giving polo a crack.

This multi-talented female athlete is also quite good at cricket.

And has tried her hand at surfing.

Her home in Ballarat is stunning.

But she’s not all-go all the time. She recently went on a trip to Canada and kicked back.

And then to Bali.

Her training varies a lot. From muscle conditioning…

To a workout on the family rocking horse.

She also just celebrated her 30th birthday in style.

And when she’s not telling the haters to “get stuffed” she’s posting funny memes about it.


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