Michelle Obama And Extreme Makeover's Ty Pennington Team Up For Military Families

We already know a lot about our First Lady, Michelle Obama. She has two lovely daughters, Malia and Sasha. She’s been compared to Jackie Kennedy Onassis. She even has bee hives on the White House lawn. But did you also know she is a budding TV star?

Truth be told, that is not unexpected; Mrs. Obama has been all but silent since she stepped into the White House in 2009. This incredible lady is known for her poise and passion for helping others, including advocating for various initiatives to assist those in need across the entire country. From helping in soup kitchens and homeless shelters to speaking out against unhealthy living, Michelle Obama has done it all and is not stopping there!

Most recently, Mrs. Obama has become known for her childhood obesity program “Let’s Move!” in which she advocates a need for better food choices and exercise in children to combat the rising childhood obesity rates. She even added a vegetable garden to the White House in an effort to be a role model for these children!

However, before her efforts to make a lasting impact on increasing healthier lifestyles for children, the First Lady provided, and continues to provide, a very strong voice for the needs of military families. Her focus on issues facing military families will culminate in an appearance on the popular television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a fascinating and heartwarming reality television show in which host Ty Pennington and his team help those in need obtain better living environments. The families on these shows share one thing in common—a life-changing story! Now the First Lady herself will work with Ty Pennington as they fight to help the veterans that bravely served our country but have since faced hardships.

When is this occurring? Today! Michelle Obama and Ty Pennington will be in North Carolina today shooting the episode that we will all be able to enjoy in October when it airs on ABC. It is great to see two people with huge hearts combining their efforts to help military families that are currently homeless due to the economic downturn and other various circumstances.

Keep your eye out for this episode that is sure to pull on your heartstrings and inspire you do to your part to carry on the initiatives of those like Michelle Obama and Ty—to help people across the country have something to live for by changing their circumstances, one person at a time.

Image: Wikipedia/ABC

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