There's A Reason Michelle Obama And Ann Romney Wore Matching Outfits

pink dress michelle obama ann romney

Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney showed up to last night’s presidential debate wearing dresses in the same hue of bright pink. Viewers of the debate took to Twitter to analyse the matching dresses. The Daily Beast tweeted that the twin dresses were “awkward.” 

But Charlotte Cowles at New York Magazine has a perfectly reasonable explanation for why both First Lady candidates chose the same colour. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and pink is the colour used to symbolise it. 

But according to Cowles, one of the ladies wore the colour better. 

She gives her vote to Ann Romney, whose “modern” glass bead necklace and tailored fit made the outfit. 

Michelle’s dress was “boxy” and “not the most flattering,” Cowles writes. 

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