Michelle McCool On Why She Left The WWE & Diva Jealousy

Michelle McCool was the latest WWE superstar to walk away from the big show in the midst of the biggest push of her career. McCool recently walked away from LayCool in favour of retirement. The former WWE Diva recently opened up about the reasons behind her decision and future plans.

It is really a rare, yet not unprecedented move to see a WWE superstar walk away from the business at the height of their career due to choice and not injury. Chris Jericho, Dave Batista, Trish Stratus, and of course The Rock are the first ones to come to mind. Michelle McCool was never in their class of stardom, but she certainly walked away right at a time where she arguably became the biggest WWE Diva in the company.

What made her career decision a little different than Jericho, Batista, The Rock, or even Trish is that she didn’t have a lengthy run at the top. Yes she was a champion three years ago but it wasn’t until she hit her stride with Layla and LayCool that she ascended to her biggest success. After six long years from the Diva Search to the All American, McCool was not only just a featured act, but a featured star across both brands.

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