Former ABC chief Michelle Guthrie is reportedly suing for unfair dismissal

Former ABC MD Michelle Guthrie. YouTube
  • The sacking of Michelle Guthrie as the head of the ABC is reportedly going to court.
  • Multiple sources say she is taking action in the Fair Work Commission.
  • However, it is not clear which provisions of the Fair Work Act will form the basis of her claim.

Michelle Guthrie, the now former managing director of the ABC, is reportedly taking the national broadcaster to court for unfair dismissal.

ABC broadcaster Rafael Epstein, a Walkley-winning journalist, says multiple sources confirm she has begun the formal legal process to seek redress against her sacking last month.

She has lodged a Fair Work Commission claim after she was sacked, the sources said.

Fairfax Media says it has confirmed Guthrie has filed a dispute in the commission although it is not yet clear which provisions of the Fair Work Act will form the basis of her claim.

The ABC also says multiple sources have confirmed Guthrie is now taking the broadcaster to court, making the claim that the board of directors “had no reason to trigger the termination clause”.

Guthrie said she was “devastated” by her sacking last month despite “no claim of wrongdoing on my part”.

She was almost halfway through a five year term as managing director.

ABC chair Justin Milne, who subsequently resigned under intense pressure, was reluctant to explain what led to the decision to sack Guthrie.

However, when pressed he called out Guthrie’s “leadership style” as a factor and that her relationship with Canberra “could have been better”.

Milne and Guthrie reportedly had a frosty relationship, clashing over how to deal with a hostile government in Canberra.

Milne resigned amid growing controversy over leaked emails showing he had asked Guthrie to “get rid” of a journalist. However, he denied giving instructions that anybody should be sacked at the ABC.

David Anderson, the director of entertainment, is currently acting managing director while the ABC conducts a search for a new chief.