Michelin-starred chef Wolfgang Puck says his ideal summer lunch involves a lot of salad

Wolfgang Puck slicing steak
Wolfgang Puck says he loves a collection of salads for lunch in the summer. Kris Connor/Stringer/Getty Images
  • Wolfgang Puck loves salad for lunch in the summer.
  • He told Insider that he rarely cooks at home, but loves to have a big lunch spread with rosé.
  • Puck said one of his favorite salads is a barbecue salmon salad he serves at Hotel Bel-Air.
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Michelin-starred chef Wolfgang Puck says he rarely has meals at home. But when he does, he loves a summer lunch spread filled with salads.

“I love Sunday lunch,” the celebrity chef told Insider in a recent interview. “Especially now with the warm weather and a bottle of rosé wine. I have some different salads and stuff like that so I’m really easy going.”

He said that he loves fish and one of his favorites is a Korean-style barbecue salmon salad. He also loves to serve Thai chicken salad that “everybody loves, too,” and a steak salad that he says his wife is a massive fan of.

“So we have red cabbage, we grill it and slice it really thin, and have it with chopped vegetable salad,” Puck told Insider.

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“Still today, we do salads all the time [at the restaurant],” he continued. “At the Bel Air hotel, we have a salad named after Nancy Regan.”

The salad is made with chicken, avocado, turkey bacon, aged cheddar cheese, and egg. It has “HBA” (standing for Hotel Bel-Air) as part of the name and a nod to the hot spot where the former first lady ordered the salad, and where celebrities, including Ariana Grande, still frequent today.

“Nancy used to come to the restaurant all the time,” Puck remembered. “We used to chop up the salad really fine – you didn’t even need teeth. I took it off the menu and people were so upset. Our customers said, ‘How did you take off my favorite salad?’ I said, ‘This is so boring to me already to make the same thing.’ But people love it.”

He says that even though he is a world-renowned and highly decorated chef, he really is easy to please with food.

“That’s one of the things people don’t know,” Puck told Insider. “They think, ‘Oh I have to cook for Wolfgang.’ I’m the easiest guy there is.”

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