Michelin Awards Stars To 25 Chicago Restaurants

Alinea A Life Worth EatingAdam Goldberg / A Life Worth EatingAlinea is the only restaurant in Chicago to earn a three-star rating.

Today Michelin released its starred selections for its 2014 Chicago guide.

A record 25 restaurants were given starred ratings, up from 19 in 2013.

While Grant Achatz’ Alinea remains the only three-starred Chicago restaurant, there were two newcomers to the two-star category.

Sixteen, the dining room at the Trump International Hotel, improved its menu to earn a second star this year.

The contemporary menu and impeccable service at Grace earned the new restaurant a two-star rating this year, its first in operation. Grace is the first restaurant from Randolph Street — a traditionally popular spot for foodies — to win official recognition from Michelin.

Of the 20 one-star establishments, five were new to the list: El Idea, Elizabeth, The Lobby, North Pond, and Senza.

Here’s the full list of starred restaurants in Michelin’s 2014 Chicago guide:

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