This Solar-Powered, Floating Resort Could Be The Hotel Of The Future

Floating Resort

Photo: Courtesy of Michele Puzzolante

An Italian industrial designer’s futuristic resort is as innovative as it is environmentally conscious.Michele Puzzolante has created realistic plans for a $125 million resort that will have a “five-star hotel” as well as pod-like floating units that can house up to six people.

The resort and units would all be powered by a generator that runs purely on energy created by the sun’s rays.

Sound too environmentally ambitious to be true? Puzzolante wrote in the release that there are talks in progress to construct the resort in the Philippines.

Puzzolante sent us some renderings of the resort and its units, which you could end up booking soon.

A pilot can steer the unit through propellers on the unit's belly.

The unit has over 360 square feet of living space and equipped with every amenity you need at sea... a stocked bar.

The unit houses two single and two double bedrooms, each with a private bathroom.

The unit also has an open-air lounge, where you can enjoy movies like The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Outside, there is a semicircular deck with six day beds and a jacuzzi.

A bird's eye view of the unit. Each pod would cost $1.6 million to build, Puzzolante told us.

Here is a rendering of the planned resort, which will have a hotel and marinas for yachts and the units, a restaurant and a bar for vacationers.

The resort's luxurious hotel will have 36 bedrooms, 12 junior suites, four suites and two presidential penthouses.

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