Here Are The 10 Most CONTROVERSIAL Magazine Covers Ever

yoko Cover

We’ve had our fair share of crazy magazine covers lately.

This week, it’s Michele Bachmann‘s crazy eyes on the cover of Newsweek .

A few weeks ago, it was the re-imagined and photoshopped life of Princess Diana (coincidentally, also on the cover of Newsweek).

These covers kept readers — and the media — talking.

That got us thinking.

We looked through the other most-talked-about magazine issues in history and chose the 10 most controversial covers ever.

TIME Magazine (April 1966): Judged by its cover, the issue drew an immediate public backlash. Approximately 3,500 reader letters were sent to the editor -- the most responses to any one story in the magazine's history.

Esquire (April 1968): Depicting Muhammad Ali martyred as St. Sebastian, the cover was done in defence of Ali, who refused to be drafted into the U.S. Army (based, in part, on his religious beliefs).

Rolling Stone (January 1981): Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, the photo was taken after John Lennon insisted that wife Yoko Ono also be featured in the shoot. Later that night, Lennon was shot and killed.

Vanity Fair (August 1991): Demi Moore's nude pose, captured by photographer Annie Leibovitz when Moore was seven months pregnant, made national headlines and led to countless parodies.

TIME Magazine (April 1997): Ellen DeGeneres revealed she was gay on the cover of TIME, leading some American TV outlets to pull her show.

The New Yorker (July 2008): Intended as a satire on the rumours and accusations that swirled around Barack Obama's presidential campaign, the cover drew disapproval from both Obama and Senator John McCain's camps.

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