Financial Adviser Explains The Gross Reasons He's Involved In That Bizarre Semen Assault Case

semen attack ladyThe victim, who is only known as Tiffany G.

Of all the weird and sordid finance stories to flash across our screens over the last year, the one about Michael Lallana allegedly ejaculating into his female co-workers drink bottle was probably the worst.And now he’s been found guilty of assault, battery and that he did what he did “for sexual gratification,” CBS reports.

Lallana “admitted in a taped interview that he ejaculated into an ‘attractive’ co-worker’s water bottle because ‘her lips had touched it,’ but told detectives he never thought she would drink it.”

Lallana and his victim, known only as Tiffany G, were co-workers at Northwestern Mutual Financial in Newport Beach. Apparently they barely knew each other and the extent of their interaction was limited to small talk here and there.

Lallana told police that, “It was the closest I could ever get to someone as good looking as that without tampering with my marriage or hurting anyone. Can I honestly say I wanted her to drink it? No.”

He did it not once, but twice. After the second time, Tiffany decided to investigate. She assumed that her water tasted strange for one reason, and had her boyfriend ejaculate into a water bottle to see if her suspicion was right.

Long story short, she had an independent investigator test the water and they confirmed her suspicion. Lallana gave investigators a DNA sample, and found a match to the DNA in Tiffany’s bottle.

For more details on how Tiffany discovered the attack, go to CBS >

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