Michael Wolff Calls The Wrap's Cease & Desist Letter 'A Joke'

Wolff: She’s just looking for press.

We told you The Wrap’s Sharon Waxman sent Newser a cease and desist letter earlier today, claiming that founder Michael Wolff and his aggregating staff aren’t properly linking to their site.Newser founder Michael Wolff emailed us this statement in response to the letter, which was sent by The Wrap’s counsel at Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP to Newser’s CEO Patrick Spain:

“This is a joke letter about a joke allegation based on a joke premise from a joke law firm (in Cleveland at that). Waxman is just looking for press to help her raise a new round of financing. Nothing here is serious.”

The letter argues that Newser “is violating TheWrap’s rights because of the following: ‘1) The Wrap generates and gathers time-sensitive information at a cost, including, without limitation, original stories ferreted out and reported by The Wrap’s full-time employees and paid contributors; (2) Newser free-rides on The Wrap’s sweat of the brow by publishing summaries of these stories without affording The Wrap appropriate credit and a prominent link; and (3) Newser is in direct competition with The Wrap.┬áNewser’s conduct constitutes unfair competition and violates certain deceptive trade practices statutes.'”

Read the entire letter here:

Cease and Desist letter from TheWrap to Newser

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