Michael Wolff: "Sports Illustrated On The Web Didn't Work"

Michael Wolff was on CNBC’s “Street Signs” this afternoon to weigh in on Time Inc.’s throwing in the towel on SI.com, which it has transferred over to Turner, and which Wolff thinks means “potentially real competition” for ESPN.com.

“It’s an equivocal move.” Wolff said. “What it acknowledges is that Sports Illustrated on the web didn’t work when it was being run by the magazine division.”

He continued: “The interesting thing is the question about whether this is a larger trend in which these media companies are looking at the traditional brand managers and saying, ‘Hey, you’re not making this work in this new media environment. So we’re gonna take it away from you and give it to somebody that has no connection at all with the original brand.'”

Watch the video below:

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