Michael Vick Has Suffered Two Game-Ending Injuries In 12 Total Plays This Preseason

michael vick injured for philadelphia eagles against new england patriots in nfl preseason

Photo: Screenshot via ESPN

After getting drilled in the ribs by Patriots lineman Jermaine Cunningham last night, Michael Vick left his second-straight preseason game early.He lasted all of six snaps (seven, including punts).

Last week against Pittsburgh, Vick also lasted just six snaps before injuring his hand.

His stat line for the preseason so far: 4/7 for 11 yards.

Yeah it’s just the preseason, but it’s still a big deal.

Philly’s biggest fear is that Vick will go down with a long-term injury. Their offence is built around his unique skill set, and we saw how abysmal the Vick-less Eagles looked last year when he was sidelined with various bumps and bruises.

Even though Vick getting injured after exactly six plays in both preseason games is totally coincidental, the harsh reality for the Eagles is this: Vick is inherently susceptible to injury.

Part of it his playing style. He extends plays where other QBs would throw the ball out of bounds, he scrambles for an extra yard when he can, and he carries the ball on designed runs more than anyone else in the league besides Tim Tebow.

Part of it his slight stature.

And part of it is his team’s offensive scheme — Andy Reid doesn’t like sacrificing eligible receivers to pass block.

Vick hasn’t played a full 16-game season since 2006. That’s not just bad luck.

The Eagles are a team built around the player who is going to get injured. As a result, their success or failure will come down to two forms of luck: 1) Will Vick’s injuries be short-term or long-term?, 2) Will Vick’s injuries come early in the season, or when they really need him in the playoffs?

It’s not ideal, but it’s the pill you have to swallow in order to have Vick on your team.

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