The Ultimate Cookbook For Meat Lovers

This is Michael Symon’s Carnivore: 120 Recipes For Meat Lovers cookbook.

Why We Love It: Michael Symon, from Food Network’s Iron Chef America and ABC’s The Chew, has put together 120 recipes for meat lovers. Not only does he tackle classic dishes — such as steaks, chops, wings, and more — he also shows readers what to do with more uncommon cuts that might intimidate the average cook, like liverwurst, head cheese, and tripe.

With 75 full-page pictures of the meals, Symon breaks down how to make and prepare a multitude of meats, from beef to wild game. The cookbook is broken down by the type of meat, and also includes recipes for the side dishes, too.

Michael Symon Carnivore

Photo: Amazon

Where To Buy: Available through Amazon.

Cost: $19.98.

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