Michael Phelps Lost A Race After Having To Borrow Another Man’s Speedo Today

michael phelps

Photo: yfrog.com

Michael Phelps forgot his swim trunks before losing the 200m freestyle to teammate Ryan Lochte at the Swimming World Championships today.The swimmer had to borrow a speedo from Australia’s Eamon Sullivan shortly before the race.

“Had to loan forgetful @MichaelPhelps my training togs for his warm up tonight. Hope they bring good luck buddy… PS – you can keep them!” Sullivan tweeted.

Sullivan later tweeted a picture of Phelps in the Aussie trunks.

The 200m freestyle was billed as Phelps chance at redemption against Germany’s Paul Biedermann, who crushed Phelps’ world record in the distance in 2009.

Instead, American Lochte won the race. Phelps came in second, and Biedermann settled for bronze.

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