Michael Phelps' unimpressed face at the Olympics is your new favourite meme

Phelps Le ClosNBCTeam USA swimmer glares as South African swimmer Chad Le Clos pumps himself up before the semi final.

Monday night, Team USA swimmer Michael Phelps was severely unimpressed by an opponent who danced in front of him before a race.

Michael Phelps was seen giving, what appeared to be, a death glare at South African swimmer Chad le Clos while the two waited in the dressing room prior to the semi final. Le Clos, if you’ll remember, narrowly beat Phelps for the gold medal in the same event at the London Olympics in 2012. It seems Phelps remembered because as le Clos started shadow-boxing, jumping in place, and making a small scene in front of him, Phelps gave him an absolute death stare.

People obviously loved it: 

And, of course, it was bound to become a meme: 

Immediately people were saying how similar it was to McKayla Maroney, who went viral for her own unimpressed face at the 2012 Olympics.

There were jokes:

There were lasers:

There were obviously references to another beloved meme, crying Michael Jordan:

Someone threw the photo into the newest viral app Prisma: 

And there were a lot of references to Anakin’s (Hayden Christensen) face from “Star Wars”:

 Pretty much expect to see this face for the next month.

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