Michael Moore predicted Trump’s path to victory exactly right

Michael moore trumpland
Michael Moore. Getty

Like him or not, Michael Moore was spot-on about the entire 2016 presidential election.

When Business Insider talked to the Oscar-winning filmmaker last December, he said that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee, which was a shocking statement to political media and party leaders at the time. 

But Moore, a staunch Democrat, was even more bullish on Trump’s chances when we talked to him again in May, warning that the country needed to be “deadly serious” about his run for the presidency.

“I know that they [the Trump campaign] are planning to focus on Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. That’s how he can win the election,” Moore said. “If he can get those upper kind of Midwestern-type states, then he can pull it off.” 

And that’s exactly what happened

Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — reliably blue states in recent presidential elections — all went for Trump on election night (it’s still too close to call Michigan at the time of this story’s writing).

Moore, who was a Bernie Sanders supporter in the primaries but supported Hillary Clinton once she became the Democratic nominee, even notched up his talk, saying on numerous shows in the months leading up to the election that Trump was going to win.

However, he did try to make undecideds (and perhaps some Trump voters, too) feel Clinton was the better choice by making the film “Michael Moore in TrumpLand,” which was basically a 75-minute ad for the Democratic nominee.   

It’s in that movie where Moore could have laid out his most jarring prediction yet.

In the movie’s most moving part, in which the filmmaker reads to his audience a letter he’s written to the Trump voter, he explains why the businessman will win, thanks to the frustrations of hard-working middle Americans about the government. But then, Moore predicts, something happens to those who voted for Trump in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin:

“Over four million of them have signed a petition to have a do-over, they want to have another election,” Moore says. “It ain’t gonna happen because you used the ballot as an anger management tool, and now you’re f—ed.”

Hey, he hasn’t been wrong yet.

Watch Moore’s letter to Trump voters in “Michael Moore in TrumpLand” below:

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