Michael Moore Debuts Anti-Capitalist Documentary To Room Full Of Champagne Drinkers

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For some reason we didn’t get an invite to see the debut of Michael Moore’s new anti-capitalism documentary last night at Lincoln centre. Sad.

Maybe we’ll end up seeing it, maybe we won’t, though since it’s a Michael Moore doc, our guess is that it’s brilliantly done propaganda on behalf of an untenable, ridiculous position. Just a guess.

Anyway, here’s how WSJ’s Deal Journal described the debut:

Before the film, the crowd sipped champagne and cocktails in the “Morgan Stanley Lobby” and then headed to their seats in the “Citi Balcony.” Movie tickets were available at the “Bank of New York Box Office” and there’s outdoor seating at the “Credit Suisse Information Grandstand.”

Putting aside that Lincoln centre is a testament to Wall Street’s shameless attempts to turn donations into billboards, this temple of the arts also shows how capitalism is at the core of the highest levels of NYC’s culture scene from which Moore draws many followers and much acclaim.

In other words, Moore is throwing stones in a glass house he often frequents. Just look at how far Moore, a one-time assembly-line worker turned journalist turned documentary film maker has come since the 1989 debut of “Roger & Me,” in this same Lincoln centre. His journey alone exemplifies the social mobility made possible by the very economic system he savages in his latest film, which he has entitled “Capitalism: A Love Story.”

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