Disgraced Trader's Son Found Emails Indicating His Father Planned Shocking Courtroom Suicide

Michael MarinMichael Marin

Photo: Fox 10 screengrab

The ex-Wall Street trader who died last month when he reportedly began popping pills after being found guilty of arson appears to have warned family members of his impending suicide.Michael Marin was facing seven to 21 years in prison after a jury convicted him of setting his $3.5 million mansion on fire when he could no longer afford his mortgage. Moments after the verdict was read, Marin appeared to swallow two pills in quick succession.

In a troubling twist, Marin’s son received a delayed email from the disgraced banker, “telling him that if things don’t go good in court, Marin’s wills are in place and his car can be found at a Mesa location,” Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told CNN.

When police located and searched Marin’s car, they found a container of sodium cyanide, a quick-acting poison Marin reportedly ordered from a California-based company.

“We assume that Marin made capsules out of this toxic substance before coming to court on June 28,” Arpaio said, according to CNN.

“All indications point to suicide but, until the final report, this case still remains open,” Apraio added.

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