ESPN radio host went on an epic rant against advanced football stats, sports 'accountants,' and the 'Pythagorean Theorem'

Twitter/alexfan590Don La Greca is the co-host of ‘The Michael Kay Show’ on ESPN Radio.

It has been a rough start to the season for the New York Giants and that frustration spilled over onto ESPN’s local radio affiliate in New York.

Don La Greca is the co-host of “The Michael Kay Show” on ESPN Radio who responded to a caller who brought up a widely accepted stat in many sports, Expected Win-Loss Record. The stat simply estimates what a team’s record would normally look like based on how many points they have scored and how many points they have allowed. In general, it can be used to tell you if a team has played better or worse than their actual record.

The stat is calculated using the Pythagorean Formula, but don’t tell that to La Greca, who went on an epic rant against fans and “accountants” who use the “Pythagorean Theorem.” 

In a classic sports radio move, La Greca slowly crescendos into an all-out scream-fest in which he starts imitating these fans and noting that they “sit at their desk and only know the naked body through ‘National Geographic’… IT’S FOOTBALL, I’VE BEEN WATCHING IT FOR 40 YEARS! FORTY!”

Let’s watch a GIF of that last part on loop. It’s pure gold.


No words.
— Alex Seixeiro (@alexfan590) September 21, 2017

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