Michael Jordan's Secret Security Code Name Is A Hebrew Word For God

Michael Jordan gives Patrick Ewing headlock during 1984 US Olympic tryouts

Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Michael Jordan has a private security team that travels with him whenever he goes overseas, according to an excellent ESPN.com article by Wright Thompson.All the people in his inner circle have secret code names, and Jordan’s is the best of them all, “Yahweh” — the Hebrew word for God.

The code names for the other people in his group are things like, “Venom,” “Butler,” and “Harmony.”

The fact that he has a security team professionalized enough to give people code names like the Secret Service gives you some insight into just how big of an empire MJ is. He isn’t just an ex-athlete or a celebrity or a businessman or an NBA team owner.

He is something else entirely … although God might be a little presumptuous.

We’ll have more from the ESPN profile as we dig through it, read it here >

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