ATHLETE TOYS: Michael Jordan’s Private “Air” Plane

Michael Jordan Jet

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So you probably missed it, but there was a snippet in the NY Post over the weekend that mentioned how basketball legend Michael Jordan had nipped off to the CuisinArt Resort on Anguilla for lunch with Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly, and that of course he flew down in his private jet.The description given of the place was simply that it’s “branded with a blue-and-white Air Jordan logo of him dunking a basketball on its tail.”

Of course we had to find out more.

After some serious digging (aka Googling), we came up with the best picture we could find of it—official shots above—and some others here and here on Flickr. The beauty—a Gulfstream IV—does indeed have Jordan dunking a basketball on its tail, but hello NY Post; that’s the Air Jordan logo.

What’s more is that the plane sports colours similar to a past pair of the shoes, and the rear pair of windows are highlighted, such as the top eyelets of a hightop would be. Here is an Air Jordan that could be a cousin of this plane.

Anyways, the custom livery continues on the underneath, with Jordan’s normal jersey number “23” and his Olympic jersey number “9.” The pilots even gifted Michael with a custom Gulfstream-engraved putter! We haven’t found any pictures of the interior of the plane, but we’re sure they exist somewhere out there on the internet. Seen any? Let us know!

This post originally appeared on Jaunted.