Michael Jordan's insane $US15 million home is up for sale again

Winning. For Michael Jordan, nothing else matters. Picture: Getty Images

The greatest basketballer of all time simply will not let his home go for a bargain price.

Back in 2012, the 5202-square metre, nine bedroom, 15 bathroom home failed to sell for $US29 million. In January last year, it went back on the market at $US16 million, and was then cut to $US14.885 million in May.

It might be an indication of Michael Jordan’s insane competitive streak, but he’s now handed his Highland Park, Illinois estate to a real estate group headed by “Real Housewives” star Mauricio Umansky, known simply as The Agency.

Jordan’s agent at The Agency, Kofi Nartey, has taken a different tack. He hopes to cash in on Jordan’s bigger-than-you personality and with a production crew in hand, has fronted a series of promos fit to plug a Hollywood blockbuster.

Here’s the outtakes from one, titled “I Am…”:

‘You call yourself a trophy property, a mansion?’

‘You think you’re big? Well I’m bigger’

Yes. Yes you are. Picture: The Agency/YouTube

‘You say you’re great at entertaining? Have you seen my pool pavilion?’

‘Had a drink in my wine cellar?’ Or cigar in my humidor?’

‘You have an exercise room. I have a complete gym’

‘You might have a basketball hoop, but I have a full-size regulation court’

According to UpRoxx:

“The idea is to position the whole thing as a reality-show style competition, in which the ultimate prize is the honour of being the new owner of Jordan’s former home.”

The other alternative is to just drop the price. Even $US15 million is just chump change to Jordan, who last year raked in $US100 million – more than he’d made in his entire basketball career.

But he didn’t get to that stage by giving up easily, either. Or at all.

You can watch the full video here, but for a more in-depth look, check out the slideshow below:

The 56,000 square foot, seven acre compound from the air.

The gate to get in, fittingly.

The outdoor space is spectacular. There's a tennis court.

An infinity pool with a grass island in the middle.

A putting green.

Complete with Jordan Brand flag sticks.

There's a pond stocked with fish.

The patio is enormous.

He has the door from the original Playboy Mansion in Chicago. Let's go inside...

The dining room, including a 'Baghdad table.'

That grid on the table is the based on the streets of Baghdad.

A skylight over the kitchen table.

The full kitchen.

There are nine bedrooms.

And 19 bathrooms.

The full-court basketball court is the centrepiece of the house.

The sitting area outside the court where you wait to play.

The wine cellar.

Countless bottles.

The cigar room.

Even the railing in the cigar room is ornate.

There's a full gym.

Jordan's Bulls teammates used to work out here every morning.

One of the many 'great rooms' around the house.

A piano room.

Even the random nooks have TVs.

Between the house and the patio there's another TV room with a 100+ inch screen.

Just one section of the patio.

There's also a three-bedroom guest house.

The family room of the guest house.

The guest house kitchen.

The house was originally listed for $US29 million. But it will now be available to the highest bidder.

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