Michael Jordan's 'Flu Game' Sneakers Sold At Auction For $US100,000

Michael Jordan’s sneakers
that he wore during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals were sold at auction onThursday for $US104, 765.

The sale broke the record for the highest price paid for a pair of game-worn shoes in any sport.

That game is famously known as the “flu game” after Jordan scored 38 points against the Utah Jazz in the Finals while he had the flu and a 103-degree fever.

Jordan gave his shoes to the Utah Jazz ball boy Preston Truman.

Five years ago, Truman got an estimate from a different auction company that priced the shoes at $US5,000. He says he previously rejected an offer of $US11,000 according to USA TODAY.

He finally decided it was time to sell them telling ESPN:

“I have looked at the shoes maybe four times since putting them in a safety deposit box 16 years ago…I just didn’t see the point to something so cool and a part of NBA history sitting at my bank anymore.”

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