Michael Jordan Just Bought This Foreclosed Lakefront Home For $2.8 Million

michael jordan and his house

Photo: www.realtor.com and Getty Images

Michael Jordan expanded his real estate portfolio last week, the AP reports, buying a beautiful lakefront home in Cornelius, North Carolina for $2.8 million after it was foreclosed on.The house is on the Peninsula Golf Course. It has six bedrooms, a pool, and is surrounded by water on three sides.

The views are unreal.

The view from the front steps

The front of the house from the water

The pool

The side of the house with the lake in the background

The private dock

A boardwalk-like walkway rings the property


Let's go inside

The foyer

The kitchen

A stairway

Floor-to-ceiling windows

There are windows everywhere you look, to take in the views

One of the many rooms

The driveway

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