Check Out Michael Jordan's Awesome Table With A Hole For Every Point He Scored

michael jordan table

That’s right, this aircraft-grade aluminium dinner table has 32,292 holes.

The table was designed by artist Michael Sirvet, and here’s the explanation for his unique design:

“[Sirvet] knew that he would be competing against several artists for the honour of crafting a dining room table for His Airness. He wanted something that would catch Jordan’s eye, so he proposed a table drilled with one hole for every point Jordan scored in his basketball career, totaling 32,292 (The table actually has 32,296 holes if you include the holes drilled for each levelling foot, but Sirvet doesn’t count those).

“‘[If I were him,] I’d like to see some manifestation of my life’s work,’ says Sirvet. ‘It’s gotta be cool to sit back and say, ‘I can quantitatively look back at every point I’ve scored.'”

Jordan was apparently so pumped about the table that he bought another of Sirvet’s works for his Charlotte condo as well.

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