Michael Jordan is a billionaire

Michael Jordan has been added to the Forbes list of billionaires.

He’s now the 513th-richest person in the United States with a net worth of an even $US1.0 billion.

The skyrocketing values of NBA franchises is the main reason he broke the $US1 billion mark.

He owns the Charlotte Hornets, which saw its value increase from $US410 million last year to $US725 million this year in the wake of the Los Angeles Clippers’ $US2 billion sale to Steve Ballmer.

Jordan’s stake in the team is worth $US500 million, according to Forbes.

Jordan bought the team for $US275 million in 2010. That’s looking like a wise investment, especially considering the league’s massive new TV deal with ESPN and Turner.

In the deal, which begins in 2016, the networks will pay the NBA an average of $US2.66 billion per year. They paid around $US930 million per year under the old deal. That works out to an extra $US57 million in revenue per year for MJ’s Hornets.

Jordan bought the team when franchise values for stagnating. Since then, they have exploded:

The rest of Jordan’s worth comes from his Nike deal, which earned him $US90 million in 2013 alone.

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