6 People Who Are STILL Cashing In On Michael Jackson's Death


Michael Jackson‘s estate has made a staggering $90 million since his death last year, Forbes estimated this week.

But the late Jackson himself isn’t the only one who’s still — still! — cashing in on his untimely passing.

Not surprisingly, a few of the people really knocking it out of the park share Michael’s last name.

Aaron Carter got into the press this week by dropping a bombshell: Michael Jackson gave him cocaine and alcohol when Carter was only 15.

LaToya Jackson has just talked and talked. This week's angle: her former husband once threatened to kill MIchael.

Mohamed al Fayed caught hell earlier this year for putting a statue of Jackson outside his Fulham soccer club's Craven Cottage stadium. How did he respond? He's now rolling out a line of merchandise featuring the sculpture.

Now check out what MTV's still cashing in on.

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