Conrad Murray Wishes He Had Taken The Stand To Defend Himself

Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray Legal Team (AP)Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor

Michael Jackson’s personal physician, who has spent the past seven months behind bars, is now saying he regrets not testifying during his criminal trial.Conrad Murray’s revelation on Monday came on the third anniversary of the King of Pop’s death.

“He wishes he testified. He absolutely wishes he testified,” Murray’s appeal attorney Valerie Wass told the Associated Press. “Ed Chernoff [Murray’s attorney] was pretty adamant that he not testify.”

However, Murray’s other attorney J. Michael Flanagan thought he should testify, something Murray never did.

Murray was sentenced to four years behind bars after jurors found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s death.

The prosecution argued Murray, as a doctor, was responsible for the dose of propofol that killed the singer. Murray’s defence team contended Jackson obtained and took the dose himself.

Murray’s testimony would probably follow the same lines, with him claiming he was not responsible for the overdose.

Murray is continuing to appeal his conviction.

Murray’s appeals attorney also contends the jury was allowed to use smart phones during the trial and was not sequestered, which prejudiced jurors against her client, according to the AP.

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