NFL legend Michael Irvin says he wants to 'beat that boy up' after seeing what he spent money on the day he was drafted

NFL Network
  • NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin cringed when he saw a video of himself from the day he was drafted, specifically calling out the expensive gold chain he wore.
  • Irvin was not pleased with himself for spending so much money on jewellery at such a young age.

NFL Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin had some harsh words after seeing a video from the day he was drafted in 1988 and what he was wearing.

Irvin first said he cringes every time he sees the video. He then specifically mentioned the giant gold chain around his neck, and what he would do if he could see his younger self.

“I want to beat that boy up for spending my money on that jewellery,” Irvin said during a segment on the NFL Network prior to Thursday night’s NFL Draft.

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