Former CIA Director: Snowden Is Obviously A ‘Prop’ For Putin

Michael Hayden
Michael Hayden AP

Former National Security Agency and CIA Director Michael Hayden thinks it’s clear that Edward Snowden was a “prop” for Vladimir Putin when the NSA leaker appeared alongside the Russian President on television Thursday.

Hayden shared his thoughts on Snowden’s TV appearance after Business Insider asked whether he thought it proved Snowden is being used as a Russian intelligence asset.

“Whatever else Snowden believes he has done, it’s hard to deny that yesterday he was a prop for Vladimir Putin in a Russian Federation infomercial,” Hayden said. “What could have motivated him to do that?”

Snowden went to Moscow after being charged under the espionage act last June.

Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who published many of the first stories based on Snowden’s leaked NSA documents, mocked those who would criticise Snowden’s appearance with Putin.

“Snowden should storm the Kremlin, take their surveillance docs & demand to be sent to the US: just like his brave patriotic critics would do,” Greenwald wrote on his Twitter account Thursday.

Snowden wrote an op-ed Friday in The Guardian, explaining he went on television with Putin to ask the Russian leader in order to publicly question his surveillance practices.