Retired general thinks it's an 'unbelievable honour' to be in the mix as Trump's potential surprise VP pick

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn told Business Insider in a Monday interview that “it’s an unbelievable honour” to be considered as Donald Trump’s running mate.

“Well what I would just say is that it’s an unbelievable honour to be in the mix of people the Trump campaign is looking at to be vice president,” he said while promoting “Field of Fight,” his new book out Tuesday. “All I know is it’s an incredible honour. I take it very seriously.”

“It’s just an honour to even be in the discussion,” he continued. “I’m a kid from a little town in the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island, and for me to be even plastered around as a potential vice-presidential pick is amazing. It’s awesome.

Trump told the Associated Press on Monday that he has four candidates left on his short list “that I think are terrific.”

The presumptive Republican nominee would not confirm who was still on the list, but said “people will have great respect” for the selection he makes. That selection is likely to come this week, and Flynn emerged as a potential surprise choice last weekend.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence are almost certainly on the list. Last week, The New York Post also reported that Flynn was being vetted for the role.

On Wednesday, Trump told Fox News that he had 10 people left on his short list, including two former generals. He later added that he likes the “concept of the generals” as running mates, but seemed to lean more toward someone with political experience for the role.

“We really, we’re looking to go more the political route in terms of getting legislation passed, which is what they do,” he said. “And I think frankly, we don’t want to do the executive orders, like Obama’s been doing. He just sits down, signs executive orders all day long. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. So I really have been thinking in terms of the politicians, but we’re looking at two generals.”

Trump later told WAVY-Virginia Monday that Flynn is “a very capable guy.”

“I think he’s really smart,” he said. “He’s militarily excellent. And I think he’s a great guy. That doesn’t mean I’m going to be choosing him, but he’s one of the people I look at. But I like him a lot.”

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