Michael Eisner's "Foreign Body" Still Unloved, Unwatched

Michael Eisner’s “Foreign Body,” the much-hyped Web series that supposed to promote an upcoming Robin Cook novel, doesn’t look like it’s going to do the book much good. The 40 episodes aired (streamed?) so far have generated just 1 million views — less than this clip of a 3G iPhone in a blender. “Quite frankly, it’s been a challenge,” Vuguru creative director Steve Cohen told MediaWeek.

The series, which has 10 episodes left, has been helped by some big promotions on YouTube and Veoh, as well as a distribution deal on But without those pushes, the series flatlines.


Without promotion, the shows are getting fewer than 10,000 views, no better than when we last checked in on the series, after nine episodes. Assuming that Cook’s publisher Penguin and the sponsor Dodge are paying the production costs for “Foreign Body,” which run $10,000 an episode, they’re paying a $400 CPM–pretty high, by anyone’s standard.

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